Zildjian k efx cymbal 18 in…. #6282s

Zildjian K Efx Cymbal 18 In.Zildjian K Efx Cymbal 18 In.
For the first EFX cymbal in the K Series, Zildjian has combined the same die-cut pattern featured in its A Custom EFX cymbals with the darker tone and traditional look of the K cymbals. This cymbal has a thin weight and a crash-size bell, so the response,16″- or 18″-diameterThin weightSame “die cut” pattern as A Custom EFX cymbalsDarker tone than the A Custom EFXGood response and decayTraditional finishCrash-sized bell for good projection
Zildjian Zildjian K Efx Cymbal 18 In. K0888 Drums & Percussion, Cymbals, Effect Cymbals

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Zildjian K Efx Cymbal 18 In.