Yorkville 4800w 2x15in powered subwoofer… #6956p

Yorkville 4800W 2X15in Powered SubwooferYorkville 4800W 2X15in Powered Subwoofer
The 4800-watt (peak – 2400 watt program) dual 15-inch active PSA2S bass reflex subwoofer is the ideal companion sub for the PSA1 full range loudspeaker system. Solid 15mm birch plywood cabinet construction and an integrated all-metal pole-mount adaptor maHigh Performance Active SubwooferDual 15-inch Drivers in Bass Reflex CabinetIdeal Companion Subwoofer for PSA1 SystemSolid 15mm Birch Cabinet ConstructionIntegrated Pole Mount AdaptorHeavy Duty WheelsMade in Canada
Yorkville Yorkville 4800W 2X15in Powered Subwoofer PSA2S Pro Audio, Live Sound, Stage Subwoofers, Powered Stage Subwoofers

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Yorkville 4800W 2X15in Powered Subwoofer