Vox valvetronix vt120+ 120w 2×12 guitar… #1459i

Vox Valvetronix Vt120+ 120W 2X12 Guitar Combo Amp BlackVox Valvetronix Vt120+ 120W 2X12 Guitar Combo Amp Black
The convenient and powerful Valvetronix VT120+ combo amp delivers the guitar sounds sought after by discerning guitarists of every style. With a 12AX7 preamp tube, powerful new amp models, and the unique Power Level control, the VT120 Plus is ready to delTube-driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 vacuum tube for true tube toneOptimum 120W output with maximum 150W output from unique Power Level control2 – 12″ VOX Original speakers99 expertly voiced presets33 Song presets spot-on recreations of the sounds used on classic tracks33 Basic Amp Model presets: Valvetronix amp modeling at its robust finest33 Effected Amp Model presets created with variety of effects including chorus, flanger and tremolo25 In-demand, top-quality effects, including 11 pedal-type effects, 11 modulation/delay effects with Tap Tempo control, and 3 reverb styles8 User Programs for saving your favorite custom settingsAccurate amp models encompass the entire VOX lineage from the traditional AC30 to the modern Night Train, plus an impressive list of other hard-to-come-by classics and rare high-gain boutique models.Gain, Volume, and Master Volume controls3-band EQUnique Power Level control can limit the power amp output wattage, creating distinctive power amp distortion at any listening levelBuilt-in automatic guitar tunerNewly revoiced VOX original speaker ensures ample powerHeadphone output simulates the acoustic and spatial character of a full speaker cabinetTimeless VOX stylingUse the optional VOX VFS5 footswitch to change programs to turn effects on and off, or to set the Tap Tempo function
Vox Vox Valvetronix Vt120+ 120W 2X12 Guitar Combo Amp Black VT120PLUS Amplifiers & Effects, Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers, Combo Guitar Amplifiers, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amplifiers

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Vox Valvetronix Vt120+ 120W 2X12 Guitar Combo Amp Black