Tascam us-4×4 usb audio interface… #6191u

Tascam Us-4X4 Usb Audio InterfaceTascam Us-4X4 Usb Audio Interface
TASCAM’s US-4×4 combines great audio quality and ergonomic design for a powerful 4-in/4-out USB 2 audio interface.Four of TASCAM’s Ultra-HDDA mic/line preamps provide up to 57dB of gain with nearly inaudible noise and distortion specs. The aud4 mic/line inputs4 Ultra-HDDA mic preamps4 balanced line outputsBuilt-in DSP mixer for low-latency mixingSupports both Mac and WindowsIncludes Cakewalk SONAR X3 LE and Abelton Live Lite 9
Tascam Tascam Us-4X4 Usb Audio Interface US-4×4 Pro Audio, Recording Gear, Audio Interfaces

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Tascam Us-4X4 Usb Audio Interface