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Tascam Cd-Rw900mkii Cd Recorder/PlayerTascam Cd-Rw900mkii Cd Recorder/Player
The CD-RW900MKII is a professional CD recorder that replaces the best-selling CD-RW900SL. A new TEAC tray-loading transport ensures years of reliable operation in the most demanding installations. The new transport also allows gapless recording when writiAdopts AK4528VM audio codec made by Asahi Kasei Microdevices which has 24-bits processingIndependent input level controls provides serious level controlSupported media: CD-R, CD-R-DA, CD-RW, CD-RW-DAHigh speed CD-RW SupportsCD drive supports playback of CD-DA and Data-CDHigh reliability proprietary TEAC tray driveOPC (optimum power control) function: Adjusting the laser power for each disc typeFade-in/Fade-out recording function (1 to 30 seconds, 1 seconds increments)Sync recording function: Automatically start/stop recording at a preset level (-24dB to -72dB, 6dB increments)Digital volume for adjusting recording level seriously (–54.0dB to 18.0dB)Automatic track division: Automatically insert a track division at a preset conditionManual track division: Insert a track division by manual operationTime track division: Automatically insert a track division per preset interval (1 to 10 minutes, 1 minutes increments)Rec-mute function: Recording four seconds of silence on the discSelectable maximum recording track numbers (automatically stop at preset number)Erase function: Erase selected track or disc (for CD-RW)Four playback modes (continuous, single, program, random)Repeat playback function (continuous, single, program, random, A-B)Fade-in/Fade-out playback function (OFF, 1 to 30 seconds, 1 seconds increments)Auto-cue function: Automatically pause by detection of a sound of start point in a trackAuto-ready function: Automatically pause at head of next track after playback previous trackPitch control playback function: Pitch and speed can be varied (+/-16%, 0.1 to 1.0% increments, for CD-DA)Key control playback function: (b1 to b6, #1 to #6, half-note increments, for CD-DA)When using key control function with pitch control function, these function provides speed changing without changing pitchTimer playback function (external timer sold separately): Automatically begin playback when turned onUnfinalize function (for CD-RW): Erase TOC information of finalized CD-RWTime display switching (elapsed track/disc time, remaining track/disc time)CD-text editing supportsPS/2 keyboard (sold separately) connection for remote control or entering a titleSRC (sampling rate converter): Automatically convert the incoming frequency to 44.1kHz (for 32 to 48kHz)RCA analog unbalanced inputs/outputsCOAXIAL digital input/output (IEC60958-3:S/P DIF)OPTICAL digital input/output (IEC60958-3:S/P DIF)Wireless remote controller with 10-key included (for CD-RW900MKII)Headphone output (20mW/ch)3-polar AC sockets with the detachable AC cable2U EIA rac
Tascam Tascam Cd-Rw900mkii Cd Recorder/Player CD-RW900MKII Pro Audio, Recording Gear, Audio Playback, CD Players

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Tascam Cd-Rw900mkii Cd Recorder/Player