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Willson 3400s professional eb tuba… #8703u

Willson 3400S Professional Eb TubaWillson 3400S Professional Eb Tuba
The Willson TubasModel 3400S Eb Professional TubaThis instrument is a work of art in two ways – the beauty of the design and construction, and in the sound produced. One would have to consider this horn as the Rolls Royce of the Eb tubKey of EbBore .750″ to .790″ through the 4th valve; 5th rotary valve .830″17.75″ one piece seamless bell5th Rotax rotary valve for free blowing playingCase NOT included
Willson Willson 3400S Professional Eb Tuba W 3400-S Brass Instruments, Tubas, Eb Tubas

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Willson 3400S Professional Eb Tuba