Suzuki soprano glockenspiel… #5657t

Suzuki Soprano GlockenspielSuzuki Soprano Glockenspiel
Suzuki diatonic glockenspiels add sparkle and excitement to every Orff concert. Each aluminum bar is meticulously tuned for perfect pitch and harmonics. Each Suzuki glockenspiel comes complete with inside note name labeling, bottom positioned pins, 1 Bb aAluminum barsMeticulously tunedInside note name labelingBottom positioned pinsIncludes 1 Bb and 2 F# bars and 2 pairs of appropriate double-headed mallets
Suzuki Suzuki Soprano Glockenspiel SD-250 Classroom & Kids, Classroom Musical Instruments, Orff Instruments, Orff Glockenspiels

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Suzuki Soprano Glockenspiel