Stanton h4-s.v2 turntable headshell… #6157s

Stanton H4-S.V2 Turntable HeadshellStanton H4-S.V2 Turntable Headshell
The Stanton H4-S.V2 turntable headshell is a great replacement not just for Stanton turntables, but for most other brands too. It’s compatible with headshell-mount needles like Stanton’s 680 and 890 cartridges, and includes 2 weights to give you better trReplacement headshell for turntablesCompatible with headshell-mount needlesHas 2 weights for better tracking
Stanton Stanton H4-S.V2 Turntable Headshell H4SV2 Pro Audio, DJ Gear, Cartridges & Styli

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Stanton H4-S.V2 Turntable Headshell