Sonor soprano metallophone chromatic add… #4231w

Sonor Soprano Metallophone Chromatic Add-OnSonor Soprano Metallophone Chromatic Add-On
Makes the Soprano Metallophone into a chromatic instrument. Meisterklasse are the best instruments crafted by Sonor. Built entirely in the company’s German factory. Only the finest materials and techniques are employed in creating these sonically and physProvides accidentals for full chromatic performanceSonor’s bestBars consist of a special light alloyPrecisely and harmonically fine-tunedConsistent and long-sustaining sound
Sonor Sonor Soprano Metallophone Chromatic Add-On SKM-20 Classroom & Kids, Classroom Musical Instruments, Orff Instruments, Orff Metallophones

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Sonor Soprano Metallophone Chromatic Add-On