Seymour duncan ztl-1 zephyr silver tele… #7548u

Seymour Duncan Ztl-1 Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm Neck PickupSeymour Duncan Ztl-1 Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm Neck Pickup
Zephyr is “the west wind.” For Americans, west represents what’s next. The trends that will make life better, more enjoyable, more interesting, lie over the western horizon. It’s also from where we expect innovations that give us what’s new and best. ThePure Silver Magnet WireLowest resistance of any metal known, 5.36% lower than copperLower losses throughout the frequency spectrum, especially in the higher rangesSofter and more supple than copper wireAllows more controlled and repeatable windingThe layers of the coil stack up more neatly and evenlyLess prone to breakage, more reliableIn un-potted pickups, lower microphonic levelsLower temperature coefficient than copper by 2.56%More compatible with lead-free, high silver content soldersLower losses at metal transition pointsComposite, Bi-Metallic Pole PiecesCombines a 440C Stainless steel with pure nickel coreHigh chromium content stainlessSuperior magnetic properties, higher saturation level. Extends dynamic range on the large signal endAttractive and corrosion resistant without requiring platingPure nickel coreFlat hysteresis loop of nickel gives high sensitivity to small signals with the ability to subtle changes.Senses and translates nuance better. Extends dynamic range on small signalsCryogenic Treatment of Pickup after final assemblyPermanently aligns crystal lattice of all materials and removes stresses introduced during manufacturing of raw materials and winding and final assembly of pickupNormalizes internal structure of the magnet(s) for more consistent gauss strength across all strings and from unit to unitAligns internal structure of the magnet wire, further reducing losses and increasing efficiency of pickupGlass Filled Nylon BobbinsNylon is a low Q materialLess prone to microphonics, especially in un-potted pickupsWill not color the sound with “ringing” like cheaper plasticsGlass filling dramatically increases structural integrity; produces stiffer bobbin flangesNo “end flaring”. Coil structure remains consistent, layer to layer. Minimizes high frequency losses and maintains balanced frequency responseTough and stable. Will take a beating without damage
Seymour Duncan Seymour Duncan Ztl-1 Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm Neck Pickup 11209-06 Accessories, Fretted Instrument Accessories & Parts, Fretted Instrument Pickups, Guitar Pickups, Electric Guitar Pickups, Telecaster Pickups (Single Coil)

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Seymour Duncan Ztl-1 Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm Neck Pickup