Rhythm band rb15 bag o’ beats… #6654r

Rhythm Band Rb15 Bag O' BeatsRhythm Band Rb15 Bag O’ Beats
The Bag O Beats from Rhythm Band includes ten instruments which kids will love to play at home, in the neighborhood, and at school. Playing in a rhythm band is always fun, especially when the band has a good beat! This carefully selected combination of in2 plastic maracas1 wood tone block with wood mallet2 rhythm sticks (1 with fluted ridges, 1 smooth)1 cluster bells (3 bells wrapped on hard rubber handle)1 wrist bells (4 bells strapped to hard rubber wrist band)1 plastic castanet1 pair of sand blocks (wooden blocks with sandpaper) for gritty percussion sound1 pair of 2″ finger cymbals1 4′ triangle with metal striker1 16-page booklet titled, “Fun with Rhythm Instruments”
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Rhythm Band Rb15 Bag O’ Beats