Pyware 3d interactive edition… #7383i

Pyware 3D Interactive EditionPyware 3D Interactive Edition
3D Interactive version 7 includes advanced 3D features for designing and printing drill, as well as the interactive features of 3D Online Accounts. Pyware 3D Online seamlessly allows the user to upload and download drills to clients, students, performers,2 Installation LicensesAll of 3D Java for designing and printing drills3D Online Account for sharing drills onlineCompatible with 3D Performer’s Practice ToolsCompatible with 3D Director’s ViewStore up to 8 Online Drill/Production filesCompatible with Floor Covers Plug-In (Sold Separate)Compatible with Traditional Tools Plug-In (Sold Separate)Compatible with Spiral Tool Plug-In (Sold Separate)Software comes preinstalled on a USB thumb drive
Pyware Pyware 3D Interactive Edition 3DJIA Marching Band, Marching Band Accessories, Marching Design & Instruction Tools

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Pyware 3D Interactive Edition