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Pyware 3D Basic EditionPyware 3D Basic Edition
3D Basic Version 7 is the low-cost edition of this premier drill design product, perfect for smaller school bands or those with a budget crunch who want to improve the efficiency of their field drills. For over 20 years, Pyware has been used by high schooImproved Virtual ClinicStride AnalyzerCollision AnalyzerContinuity AnalyzerSelection History ToolPush Tool defaults as overwrite similarly to the Morph Tool for rewritingAlso new in the Push Tool is the “Compound Moves” optionFigurines are now mapped to Symbols allowing you to visually show equipment changes for performersAdded the Symbol Map Editor for mapping symbols to a figurineThe Toolbar can now be moved outside the application windowThe Grid Designer now has the ability to create a grid in feet, in addition to yards and metersThe number of performers matched is now displayed in the ConsoleBackups are now created when using the “Save As” option to save a drill file.”Right clicks” can now be set to any tool on the Tool PaletteAll tools now have the ability to assign symbols in the Tool Panel Alt-click (Option-click on Mac) in the symbol text box to see symbol that will be displayed on the screenAdded Safe Save – this feature will not allow a file to be fully saved to the hard disk if it is corruptedSoftware comes preinstalled on a USB thumb drive
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Pyware 3D Basic Edition