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Livid cell vj performance software… #1081d

Livid Cell Vj Performance SoftwareLivid Cell Vj Performance Software
Cell VJ software from Livid makes real-time video playback effortless. Simply drag files into the Clip Bank and start your performance by clicking on one of up to 36 clip previews. Alter the playback, speed, direction, and loop videos, images, and audio fClip Bank makes organizing and previewing videos/images/audio files easyPowerful OpenGL effects like kaleidoscope and 8MM can be applied to video clips, live camera feeds, and image filesUse MIDI messages to trigger videos, add effects, scratch, and control live camera feedsMIDI learn function allows you to map almost any MIDI parameterComes loaded with 36 free clips to get you started
Livid Livid Cell Vj Performance Software LVCE10R-00 Pro Audio, Music Software, Video Software

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Livid Cell Vj Performance Software