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Bias soundsaver… #2516o

Bias SoundsaverBias Soundsaver
BIAS SoundSaver easily records your audio collection with unparalleled results. Simply connect, record, clean, and export directly to iTunes as MP3, or uncompressed WAV files for CD/DVD burning. Archiving your LPs and tapes has never been easier. SoundSavEasily transfer records and tapes to your computer before they deteriorateRemove pops and clicksDefine and name tracksSave your recordings as WAV files to make high-quality CDsSave directly to iTunes and enjoy your old favorites in your iPodSaves your work automaticallyExport tab sends your completed project to other programs
Bias Bias Soundsaver 667100014742 Pro Audio, Music Software, Restoration & Noise Reduction Software

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Bias Soundsaver