Primacoustic voxguard microphone isolati… #7987f

Primacoustic Voxguard Microphone Isolation PanelPrimacoustic Voxguard Microphone Isolation Panel
The high-performance Primacoustic VoxGuard ambient noise attenuator surrounds your microphone and impedes unwanted sounds from contaminating your recordings. The near field VoxGuard absorber creates an acoustic boundary around the microphone that containControls ambient space around the microphone Creates intimate sound field around the mic Delivers cleaner more articulated voice track Allows you to add ambiance or effects as needed Threaded mic stand adapter and knurled ring included Easily attaches to mic stand Lightweight design insures mic and stand remain stable
Primacoustic Primacoustic Voxguard Microphone Isolation Panel P300 0100 00 Pro Audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Microphones, Microphone Accessories, Sound Shields & Reflectors

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Primacoustic Voxguard Microphone Isolation Panel