Primacoustic flexifuser combination diff… #9770v

Primacoustic Flexifuser Combination DiffuserPrimacoustic Flexifuser Combination Diffuser
The Primacoustic FlexiFuser is an innovative acoustic device that combines diffusion with absorption to disperse high-frequency flutter echo and control primary reflections at the same time.Measuring 24″ x 48″ (60.96cm x 121.92cm), this full sCombination variable slat diffuser and absorberEliminates flutter echo and standing wavesAllows you to adjust diffusion angles to suitIdeal for recording studios and home theater
Primacoustic Primacoustic Flexifuser Combination Diffuser Z840-1135-08 Accessories, Studio Furniture, Acoustic Treatments

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Primacoustic Flexifuser Combination Diffuser