Primacoustic crashguard drum mic shield… #6731b

Primacoustic Crashguard Drum Mic ShieldPrimacoustic Crashguard Drum Mic Shield
The unique Primacoustic CrashGuard isolates your drum microphone to attenuate the sound of cymbals while you’re recording. The net effect: reduced interference between the 2 sound sources for greater control over the drum sound. Compact and lReduces sound of cymbals from spilling into drum micsLightweight design fits most popular microphonesAllows drum mic to be articulated for precise aimingImproves isolation for added control over each drum
Primacoustic Primacoustic Crashguard Drum Mic Shield P300 0105 Accessories, Studio Furniture, Acoustic Treatments

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Primacoustic Crashguard Drum Mic Shield