Peavey vcm 3 choir mic black… #6564q

Peavey Vcm 3 Choir Mic BlackPeavey Vcm 3 Choir Mic Black
This low-profile Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone is designed primarily to be suspended above choirs, ensembles, or stage areas. Premium sound reinforcement with virtually no visual distraction! The microphone’s back- electret condenser capsule offers a smooExtremely small profileBack-electret condenser elementCardioid pickup patternSmooth, wide-range frequency response33′ mini cable for long dropsFlexible, steel-spring wire hanging adapterOperational from 9V to 52V DC phantom power source
Peavey Peavey Vcm 3 Choir Mic Black 00577970 Pro Audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Microphones, Condenser Microphones

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Peavey Vcm 3 Choir Mic Black