Paiste 2002 22″” heavy ride 22″”… #5910i

Paiste 2002 22Paiste 2002 22″” Heavy Ride 22″”
Made with CuSn8 Bronze, also known as “2002 Bronze”, the Paiste 2002 series is based on the first cymbal series fully developed for electronically amplified music. During the 1960’s developing Beat and Rock music required cymbal sound to match the new freWeight: heavyVolume: medium loud to very loudStick Sound: pingyIntensity: slightly drySustain: mediumBell Character: strong, integratedSound Character: Bright, full, warm, energetic. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Fairly heavy feel. Strong, defined ping over, full, warm, slightly dark wash. Well suited for louder playing
Paiste Paiste 2002 22″” Heavy Ride 22″” CY0001062722 Drums & Percussion, Cymbals, Ride Cymbals

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Paiste 2002 22″” Heavy Ride 22″”