Nady uhf-3 handheld wireless system mu4/… #5049f

Nady Uhf-3 Handheld Wireless System Mu4/493.55Nady Uhf-3 Handheld Wireless System Mu4/493.55
Why worry about tripping over cords or being tied to your speakers when you can go wireless with the Nady UHF-3 handheld wireless system. The UH-3 transmitter gives you 250′ to 500′ of breathing room-enough for you to sing your heart out and be close to yNady UHF-3 Wireless SystemHalf-rack receiver design with folding front panel dual antennasClear channel UHF operation for optimum interference-free performance in any application or localeNady’s proprietary companding circuitry for 120dB dynamicrange, and clear, natural soundTone Squelch for locking out potential interferenceUHF-3 receiver with DigiTRU Diversity for maximum range and dropout protection, full LED indicators, both 1/4″ unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs, and special circuitry for noiseless transmitter ON/OFF switchingUnique snap-out panel locking tabs for single receiver or dual receiver (side-by-side) optional rackmountingUH-3 handheld transmitterFeatures the Nady DM-10D unidirectional neodymium dynamic cartridge for optimum true sound, maximum feedback rejectionand minimal handling noiseAudio mute switch allows convenient audio muting with the transmitter onConvenient, economical operation with two “AA” Alkaline or NiMH batteries
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Nady Uhf-3 Handheld Wireless System Mu4/493.55