Nady hm-5u headset mic black xlr adapter… #9393k

Nady Hm-5U Headset Mic Black Xlr AdapterNady Hm-5U Headset Mic Black Xlr Adapter
This uni-directional headset microphone is optimally designed for singing and speaking applications, even in noisy environments, where a handsfree mic is ideal.Unidirectional condenser element for superior, warm audio response and maximum feedback rejectionPerfect for singer-musicians (drummers, keyboardists), vocal/dance performers, DJs, public speakers, and aerobics instructorsLightweight, comfortable design and visually unobtrusive. Maximum stability during use, even when moving, dancing, etc.Firm, adjustable gooseneck boom that can be easily repositioned to any angle during performanceAvailable with mini-XLR, 3.5mm phono plug (fits most standard wireless bodypack transmitters), or with standard XLR adapter for all wired and wireless applications
Nady Nady Hm-5U Headset Mic Black Xlr Adapter 10300-39 Pro Audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Wireless Systems, Wireless System Components

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Nady Hm-5U Headset Mic Black Xlr Adapter