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Motu Micro Express Interface UsbMotu Micro Express Interface Usb
The MOTU Micro Express is a mini version of the MIDI Express XT with many of the same features in a smaller, even more affordable half-rack unit with 4 inputs and 6 outputs.MIDI interface for Macintosh and WindowsCan connect both a Mac and a PC at the same timeStandalone MIDI patchbay/merger/processorSMPTE tape sync in all formats4 x 6 MIDI merge matrix – connects any device to any otherFront panel presets for plug-and-play convenience4 independent MIDI IN6 independent MIDI OUT (9 actual MIDI OUT ports)96 MIDI channelsSupports MIDI Machine Control transport messagesPedal input for momentary foot switchAudio click input – converts audio click into MIDI data16 presets with 8 programmable, battery-backed memoriesRecalls setups via MIDI patch changeIncludes software for Macintosh and WindowsInternal power supplyMIDI processing:Merge any inputs to any outputsRoute any inputs to any outputsMute any MIDI data on any cableRe-channelize on input and output Synchronization:SMPTE time code (LTC) generator and readerConverts LTC to MIDI Time Code (MTC) to sync a Mac, PC or any other devices to SMPTE time codeConverts all SMPTE frame rates (24, 25, 29.97 drop, 29.97 non-drop, 30)Stripes SMPTE time code in all frame rates (24, 25, 29.97 drop, 29.97 non-drop, 30)Converts MIDI Time Code to SMPTE time codeSMPTE “Jam Sync” with adjustable freewheeling for dropout-free syncSupports MIDI Machine Control – serves as either an MMC master or slave, distributes MMC transport commands to all other MMC devices
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Motu Micro Express Interface Usb