Marshall mt-1 guitar and bass tuner… #5738c

Marshall Mt-1 Guitar And Bass TunerMarshall Mt-1 Guitar And Bass Tuner
Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the modern and compact Marshall tuner is a must-have for the live gig or rehearsal room. The tuner is suitable for both guitar and bass, tunes up to 5 semitones flat, support baritone, 7-string and dropped tunings, has aCompact, sturdy, modern designPrecision LCD needle meter with easy to see sharp/flat (red) and in-tune (green) LEDs above the LCD displaySupports 7-string, baritone and 6-string guitars plus 4-, 5- and 6-string bassesTunes down to five (5) semitones flatBuilt-in mic for tuning acoustic instrumentsCan generate reference tones for tuning by earTilt-back slot allows you to tilt the tuner using a cardBatteries (2xAAA) are suppliedAttractive, clamshell packaging featuring iconic Marshall stackThe MT-1 boasts the legendary Marshall script logo
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Marshall Mt-1 Guitar And Bass Tuner