Marshall 1960tv cabinet… #1596z

Marshall 1960Tv CabinetMarshall 1960Tv Cabinet
The Marshall 1960TV Cabinet has an angled front; 4 – 12″ Greenback speakers; and a warmer, thicker sound than the 1960A. This 100W, mono, 16-ohm cabinet is 3 inches taller than a standard 1960A 4×12 cabinet which results in well defined mid range and a loAngled front4 – 12″ 25W Greenback speakers for warmer, thicker sound than the 1960AOriginal grille cloth3″ taller than standard 4×12 cabs
Marshall Marshall 1960Tv Cabinet M-1960TV-U Amplifiers & Effects, Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifier Cabinets

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Marshall 1960Tv Cabinet