Marcinkiewicz tuba mouthpieces h4… #9036g

Marcinkiewicz Tuba Mouthpieces H4Marcinkiewicz Tuba Mouthpieces H4
The Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces are highly respected in the brass player community. These tuba mouthpieces are exceptional and used by many famous players.Marcinkiewicz Tuba MouthpiecesCup SelectionThe standard tuba mouthpiecN: Narrow RimW: Wide RimH: Smaller inside rim bite
Marcinkiewicz Marcinkiewicz Tuba Mouthpieces H4 92040 Brass Instruments, Accessories for Brass Instruments, Brass Mouthpieces, Tuba & Sousaphone Mouthpieces

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Marcinkiewicz Tuba Mouthpieces H4