Manley backbone (db25 connectors)… #9239v

Manley Backbone (Db25 Connectors)Manley Backbone (Db25 Connectors)
Winner of the 2009 TEC award, the Manley BACKBONE Mastering Insert Switcher accepts up to three balanced source inputs, selectable on the left side. Left and right can be reversed and Abolute Polarity can be flipped. The 24 position input & Output gai3 x Balanced Stereo Inputs8 x Balanced Stereo InsertsSelected Input can be mixed to parallel outputsPatchable SEND and RETURNBalanced signal path all the wayLeft – Right Reverse SwitchAbsolute Polarity Reverse SwitchBypass GAINS makes passive signal pathOver 90 nice relays employedEAO switch buttons can be easily custom labeledINPUT and OUTPUT GAINS use 4 x 24 position Grayhill switch attenuatorsSUM – DIFFERENCE (MS Matrix) can be used for Inserts 2 & 3Separate SUM and DIFFERENCE outputs available on rear panelSWAP order button can be used to reverse the order for Inserts 4 & 5MIX – FADE injection between 7 & 8 with mode selectExpensive Penny & Giles rotary fader/mixerBulletproof MANLEY build quality
Manley Manley Backbone (Db25 Connectors) MMBBDB Pro Audio, Mixers, Line Mixers

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Manley Backbone (Db25 Connectors)