Malletech 2.6 “”infinity”” glockenspeil… #8704n

Malletech 2.6 Malletech 2.6 “”Infinity”” Glockenspeil
Malletech’s design of the G2.6 “Infinity” Glock began by duplicating both the old steel formula and the dimensions of the best old Glockenspiel bars. But they didn’t stop there. Malletech redesigned the case, eliminated all sources of noise and revolutionBars – 1-1/4″ wide x 3/8″ thickRange – 2.6 octaves, 34 notes, F-DPitch – A=442 standard, other tuning options availableWidth – 24″ low end, 10″ high endLength – 34″ with handlesDepth – 5-1/2″Weight – approximately 56 lbs.Material – Solid oak case and bar railsFinish – Honey Oak is standard, other finishes available at extra chargeKeyboard – High-carbon steel
Malletech Malletech 2.6 “”Infinity”” Glockenspeil G2.6 Concert Percussion, Concert Mallet Percussion, Orchestra Bells & Glockenspiels

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Malletech 2.6 “”Infinity”” Glockenspeil