Lr baggs violin pickup with carpenter ja… #1770i

Lr Baggs Violin Pickup With Carpenter JackLr Baggs Violin Pickup With Carpenter Jack
This L.R. Baggs violin pickup features a miniature vibration transducer cast right into the bridge and is matched with a Carpenter Jack. The transducer accepts the tone-rich left/right movement of the bridge, rejects feedback, eliminates scratchy nasal soHighly selective miniature sensor is epoxy-embedded in the bridge itself for unsurpassed sensitivity. No stuck-on or wedged-in appendage can match its response. Sensor is sensitive only in the rich left-right mode to bring out the true character of your violin yet rejects extraneous string and body noise. Does not alter the inherent acoustic qualities of the instrument Studio quality response makes it a viable tool for recording High feedback resistance for stress-free high sound pressure levels on stage Even string-to-string balance Can be plugged directly into most combo amps with great results, even without a preamp* Comes inset in a high quality Aubert #7 Mirecourt maple bridge for optimum acoustic response *Though the Violin pickup does not require use of a preamp, best results in most situations will result from using a high-quality, clean gain preamp.
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Lr Baggs Violin Pickup With Carpenter Jack