Line 6 fbv2 footswitch… #9842s

Line 6 Fbv2 FootswitchLine 6 Fbv2 Footswitch
Don’t feel like carrying around a full-sized footcontroller? The Line 6 FBV2 lets you scroll through the first bank of four presets and is small and light enough to fit in your gig bag. With its ultra-reliable switches and aluminum case, the FBV2 can takeScrolls through Channels A,B,C, & DSelf-powered though the locking cable
Line 6 Line 6 Fbv2 Footswitch 99-040-1201 Amplifiers & Effects, Amplifiers, Amplifier Footswitches, Guitar Amplifier Footswitches

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Line 6 Fbv2 Footswitch