Krk vxt 4 powered studio monitor… #2056n

Krk Vxt 4 Powered Studio MonitorKrk Vxt 4 Powered Studio Monitor
VXT 4 monitors are hallmarked by defined low end, articulate midrange and precise highs, delivering clarity and accuracy on par with many world-class speakers costing more.In addition, the VXT 4 studio monitor features several key design elemeVideo Shielding: StandardDrivers: HF 1″ Soft Dome Tweeter, LF 4″ Kevlar WooferInput: XLR & 1/4″ TRS Combo, 10K Ohm Balanced, Pin 1 + Sleeve = Ground, Pin 2 + Tip = High, Pin 3 + Ring = LowAmplification: 90 watt Bi-amp with 12dB/octaveDimensions: 10 1/16″ H x7 1/3″ W x 7″ D25.6cm H x 18.6cm W x 17.7cmShipping Weight: 14 lbs
KRK Krk Vxt 4 Powered Studio Monitor VXT4-NA Pro Audio, Recording Gear, Studio Monitors, Powered Studio Monitors

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Krk Vxt 4 Powered Studio Monitor