Korg ca-40 electronic chromatic tuner… #6049g

Korg Ca-40 Electronic Chromatic TunerKorg Ca-40 Electronic Chromatic Tuner
The Korg CA-40 Electronic Chromatic Tuner has wide range that covers A0 (27.50 Hz) – C8 (4186.01 Hz), you can tune a variety of instruments with the Korg CA-40, including wind, string, and keyboard instruments. The pitch and range are detected quickly andWide Detection Range from A0-C8Bypass functionCompact Chromatic Tuner, ideal for use with brass band or orchestraLarge, High-precision LCD needle-style meterSound Out functionAdjustable CalibrationAuto Power Off functionMemory Backup functionApproximately 85 hours of continuous use
Korg Korg Ca-40 Electronic Chromatic Tuner CA40 Accessories, Tuners & Metronomes, Tuners

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Korg Ca-40 Electronic Chromatic Tuner