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Isp Technologies Beta Bass PreamplifierIsp Technologies Beta Bass Preamplifier
The Beta Bass Preamplifier offers the professional bassist the highest level of performance ISP Technologies can provide. By incorporating patented Time Vector Processing, the compression circuitry becomes the most adaptive to be used in a bass processorExtreme equalization including Bass, Treble, Bright, Low-Mid parametric, High-Mid parametric and footswitch controlled ISP Technologies Bass Exciter.Signal level indicator with multi-stage clip detection allows accurate control of the internal gain structure of the preamplifier and processor.Decimator noise reduction for absolutely silent operation.Adaptive Bass Compressor providing smooth volume leveling.Balanced XLR and RTS 1/4″ Main output connections.Balanced XLR direct output selectable to provide pre-processed input signal or post-processor direct out with level control and ground lift.Footswitch controlled effects loop with rear panel effects mix control.
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Isp Technologies Beta Bass Preamplifier