Holton h105 professional french horn… #3697g

Holton H105 Professional French HornHolton H105 Professional French Horn
The pursuit of perfection has yielded a new-generation French horn of superior performance and superb intonation. The H105’s technological and acoustical flexibility enables the artist to perform in a wide variety of playing situations. Its 2 interchangeaBb/F double.468″ bore12-1/4″ diameter, large-throated, hand-hammered tempered bronze bell2 interchangeable mouthpipes feature a .306 venturi and a .310 venturiNoiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springsTapered hand-lapped brass rotors with nickel silverSlides are hand-lapped nickel silver both inside and outside with outer rolled beads; short-length recessed slides for quick removalNickel silver bodyGenuine Holton medium-deep cup mouthpieceUltra compact wood shell case with dual handles and brass hardware
Holton Holton H105 Professional French Horn H105 Brass Instruments, French Horns, Double Horns, Professional Double Horns

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Holton H105 Professional French Horn