Hohner 7545 cx12 chromatic harmonica… #9795c

Hohner 7545 Cx12 Chromatic HarmonicaHohner 7545 Cx12 Chromatic Harmonica
The Hohner 7545 CX12 Chromatic Harmonica has a 1-piece housing that provides warm, round tone. A comfortable smooth mouthpiece, and nonslip cover surface make the 7545 a better handling harmonica. Back-mounting spring plate eliminates the need for mouthpiOne-piece housingSmooth mouthpieceNo screwsQuicker responseGreater volume
Hohner Hohner 7545 Cx12 Chromatic Harmonica 7545-C Folk & Traditional Instruments, Folk & Traditional Wind & Keyboard Instruments, Harmonicas

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Hohner 7545 Cx12 Chromatic Harmonica