Hohner 1496/48 echo harmonica… #1419s

Hohner 1496/48 Echo HarmonicaHohner 1496/48 Echo Harmonica
The Hohner 1496/48 Echo Harmonica has an octave tuning (the upper row of 24 holes is tuned one octave below the lower row of 24). When the 2 rows are played at the same time this creates the effect of 2 harmonicas simultaneously playing the same melody. T48 holes (2 rows of 24)Each upper row hole is tuned an octave below each hole in the lower rowAchieves a stronger, full-bodied soundCurved mouthpiecesTraditional wood combChromeplated covers with turned endsDiatonicKey of C
Hohner Hohner 1496/48 Echo Harmonica 1496/48-C Folk & Traditional Instruments, Folk & Traditional Wind & Keyboard Instruments, Harmonicas

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Hohner 1496/48 Echo Harmonica