Hipshot gt2 electric xtender black… #9608t

Hipshot Gt2 Electric Xtender BlackHipshot Gt2 Electric Xtender Black
The Hipshot GT2 Electric Xtender drops your guitar’s low E string to D on the fly by flipping a lever. Works on any guitar that uses Schaller-type tuning keys. Now you can dazzle the audience with those gut-bucket tones and not let the bass players upstagPrecision engineeredEasy installationInstant versatility right at your fingertips
Hipshot Hipshot Gt2 Electric Xtender Black 30200B Accessories, Fretted Instrument Accessories & Parts, Fretted Instrument Parts, Tuning Machine Heads, Tuning Machine Heads for Guitars

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Hipshot Gt2 Electric Xtender Black