Hearos superhearos ear plugs (16 pack)… #2258f

Hearos Superhearos Ear Plugs (16 Pack)Hearos Superhearos Ear Plugs (16 Pack)
Hearos’ Ultimate Softness Ear Plugs 8-pack provides you with 8 pairs of comfortable earplugs with a noise reduction rating of 32 decibels. Hearos Softness Ear Plugs have long been popular with professional musicians who want to protect 2 of their most val16 earplugsSuper soft foamHigh NRR 32dB protectionPlastic case for protection and travel
Hearos Hearos Superhearos Ear Plugs (16 Pack) 2210 Accessories, Stage Accessories, Hearing Protection

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Hearos Superhearos Ear Plugs (16 Pack)