Graph tech hexpander midi interface kit… #4608j

Graph Tech Hexpander Midi Interface KitGraph Tech Hexpander Midi Interface Kit
The Graph Tech Hexpander interface adds MIDI capability to almost any guitar or bass. Plug your guitar into pitch-to-MIDI converters by Roland and Axon.The principle behind the ghost Hexpander MIDI Interface System is simple but the results arFast, accurate trackingLow-latency design perfectly complements today’s state of the art pitch-to-MIDI converters.Operates with the latest MIDI converters and Virtual Guitar systems: Roland GR33, GI-20, VG99, and V Bass, Axon AX-50, AX-100, and many more.Add the Ghost Acousti-Phonic preamp and/or optional switches at any time by simply plugging them inno rewiring or soldering.Optional plug-in MIDI Volume, Momentary Up/Down Program Selector Switch (S1/S2) and QuickSwitch (MIDI/both/mag+acoustic) for an infinite palette of tonal possibilitiesOptional pin-7 wiring harness available for accessing a summed piezo signalThe Hexpander does not require a battery because it draws power from the MIDI converter through the 13-pin connector. Note: You will also need to order ghost Saddle Pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly to complete your ghost system. (Sold Separately)
Graph Tech Graph Tech Hexpander Midi Interface Kit PK-0440-00 Accessories, Fretted Instrument Accessories & Parts, Fretted Instrument Parts, Onboard Preamps & EQ

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Graph Tech Hexpander Midi Interface Kit