Grace design m801 8-channel studio pream… #7189b

Grace Design M801 8-Channel Studio PreampGrace Design M801 8-Channel Studio Preamp
The Grace Design model m801 8-Channel Studio Preamp delivers unmatched audio performance – with massive headroom and ultra-wide bandwidth which contribute to a markedly open, musical character. The m801 is designed to effortlessly resolve even the lowestRedesigned, fully balanced, transformerless designHigher-current outputs drive even longer cable runsRibbon mic mode switchFast, musical transimpedance amplifier architecturePrecision 24 position gold contact rotary switch gain controls48V phantom power, 20 dB attenuator and phase reverseNo electrolytic capacitors in the signal pathSealed gold contact relays for all signal switchingLarger, two color, bi-phase LED peak indicatorRegulated linear power supply with custom wound toroidal transformerHighest quality components used throughoutFive year warranty on parts and labor
Grace Design Grace Design M801 8-Channel Studio Preamp M801 Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Microphone Preamps

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Grace Design M801 8-Channel Studio Preamp