Galaxy audio cable tester… #6649r

Galaxy Audio Cable TesterGalaxy Audio Cable Tester
The cable tester will quickly test 6 types of cables XLR, 1/4″, 1/8″, Speakon, stereo RCA, and DIN (Midi). It is extremely simple to use, with a pass / fail indicator that lights up when you plug each side of the cable into the CT and select the number ofGREAT USES:ChurchesSchoolsBandsIdeal for Musicians, Soundmen and InstallersTests 6 Different Connector TypesInternal Micro Processor Tests Cable 200 TimesPer Second To Detect Intermittent ProblemsEasy to Read Pass/Fail IndicatorQuick and Easy to UseTests “Y” CablesTests Adapter Cables
Galaxy Audio Galaxy Audio Cable Tester JIB/CT Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Test Equipment

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Galaxy Audio Cable Tester