Furman hr-2 headphone remote station… #5584v

Furman Hr-2 Headphone Remote StationFurman Hr-2 Headphone Remote Station
The Furman HR-2 Headphone Remote Station is a passive device intended for use with the Furman HA-6A headphone/monitor amp (sold separately). With the HR-2 you can increase the number of headphone stations beyond the 6 provided and locate them more conveniPassive designAccommodates 2 sets of headphonesVolume control is provided for each headphoneAllows you to add headphones beyond the 6 provided by the HA-6ACan be used with any amp with 50W per channel or less (with special adapter) to convert it into a distribution ampIncludes 3-year warranty
Furman Furman Hr-2 Headphone Remote Station HR-2 Pro Audio, Headphones, Headphone Amplifiers, Mixers

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Furman Hr-2 Headphone Remote Station