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Fischer Amps Ansmann Energy 8 Plus ChargerFischer Amps Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Charger
The Ansmann Energy Plus is a charging and maintenance device for 1-6 AAA/AA, and 1-2 9V E-Block rechargeable batteries with an automatic refreshing function.Suitable for NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteriesCapacity quick test of the inserted cells for approx. 5 seconds Auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a refreshing process and/or pre-charging process, if requiredMicroprocessor controlled chargingFive-way over charging protectionIndividual supervision of each cell positionBattery status of each charging slot is displayed by an LEDFaulty cell detectionAlkaline battery detectionTrickle chargeRevere polarity protectionFor worldwide use3 years warrantySpecifications:Input voltage: 100-240V AC 50-60HzCharging time for Mignon AA 2850mAh: 2.4hCharging currents: 1000mA for AA, C and D cells, 400mA for Micro AAA cells, 60mA for 9V E-Blocks
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Fischer Amps Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Charger