Fender exp-1 expression pedal… #4539x

Fender Exp-1 Expression PedalFender Exp-1 Expression Pedal
Fender’s EXP-1 Expression Pedal is a dynamic new dual-mode digital pedal that controls the volume or amp/effect parameters on Mustang III, IV and V amplifiers and on the new Mustang Floor multi-effects unit. Switch between “volume” and “expression” modesPedal controls the parameters of Fender Mustang III, IV, and V amplifiers and Mustang FloorTwo modes of the pedalvolume and expressionSwitch between modes by stepping on the toe end of the pedalRed and green LEDs indicate which mode is in use
Fender Fender Exp-1 Expression Pedal 2301050000 Amplifiers & Effects, Effects, Effects Pedals, Volume & Expression Effects Pedals

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Fender Exp-1 Expression Pedal