Epiphone ej-200sce acoustic-electric gui… #7639c

Epiphone Ej-200Sce Acoustic-Electric Guitar NaturalEpiphone Ej-200Sce Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
Epiphone’s version of the Gibson classic J-200, known as the “King of the Flat Tops”, a guitar that has graced stages across the world in the hands of musical legends from Elvis to Emmylou. This modernized EJ-200SCE, features a jumbo maple body with a selSelect maple jumbo bodySolid spruce topSet Slim Taper maple neckRosewood fingerboard with crown inlaysRosewood bridge with synthetic bone saddle25-1/2″ scaleeSonic2 preamp with built-in tuner and NanoFlex/NanoMag pickupsStylish mustache bridge and pickguardSloped Dovewing Epiphone headstock14:1 die-cast Gold Grover machine headsGold screws on the traditional “bell” style truss rod cover1.68″ nut widthBody, neck, and headstock bindingCase sold separately
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Epiphone Ej-200Sce Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural