Engl special edition e 670 100w guitar a… #9633d

Engl Special Edition E 670 100W Guitar Amp Head (6L6)Engl Special Edition E 670 100W Guitar Amp Head (6L6)
This Special Edition Engl head delivers a universe of sound from a single amp head, optimized for the next generation of ambitious guitar players. 6 basic sounds and 24 switchable sound options to store 128 MIDI presets. From crystal clean to smooth jazz,Tube Driver circuit for effect devicesAlso serves as a separate 5th channel that can be selected directly (with or without EQ)Modern and Classic sound-shaping buttons determine the basic voicing of all 4 channels,2 gain variants for each of the basic channels: Gain Boost and Hi Gain3 voicing sections: one EQ for Clean and Crunch (Main Channel 1), one for Lead I and Lead II (Main Channel 2) and another for the Tube DriverEvery channel sports a dedicated Treble knobVarious sound-shaping buttons tuned to match the tonal requirements of the given channelsLarge spring reverb with separate knobs for the 2 Main Channels3 effect loops: FX Loop I and FX Loop II are variable, switchable effect loops, while Serial FX Loop is a separate circuit that can be used in series with 2 main effect loopsEach effect loop may be activated for each channel as well as for the Tube Driver circuit2 each power amp Master and Presence knobs, accessible via MIDIVariable MIDI-switchable power amp output (50 or 100 watts) with hot impedance adjustmentA/B speaker switching with separate impedance selector for connected speaker systemsBalanced, frequency-compensated XLR line output for routing preamp or power amp signals to mixers or recording gearMIDI In and Thru ports serve to integrate the amp into a MIDI system128 MIDI presets, accessible via 16 MIDI channelsOffers three different remote interface ports: Serial Amp Control Port accepts the Custom Z-9 Footswitch (sold separately); the MIDI In accepts the Z-9 for use as a simple MIDI footcontroller or any other MIDI footcontrollerAmp is equipped with a stereo jack that takes a dual footswitch allowing you to switch the four channels remotelyProgrammable Noise Gate for suppressing noise in the Crunch, Lead I, and Lead II channelsMade in Germany
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Engl Special Edition E 670 100W Guitar Amp Head (6L6)