Eminence monster metal 12″” speaker kit… #7217n

Eminence Monster Metal 12Eminence Monster Metal 12″” Speaker Kit
Both Eminence speakers included in this kit are well known for their abundant low-end response, headroom, and fullness. The Swamp Thang speaker provides deeper lows, sustain, warmth, and a thick chunk to the mix. The Texas Heat speaker provides an intereTexas Heat Speaker:Fat tone with top end bite and clarityGreat for American rock and blues, and Southern rockSwamp Thang Speaker:Great bottom end and an overall chunky soundPerfect for blues, rock, and jazz
Eminence Eminence Monster Metal 12″” Speaker Kit KIT – 501898 Accessories, Amplifier Parts, Speakers for Instrument Amps

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Eminence Monster Metal 12″” Speaker Kit