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Emedia Guitar Pro 5.1 Multitrack Tab EditorEmedia Guitar Pro 5.1 Multitrack Tab Editor
Guitar Pro 5.1 is the most powerful and intuitive tablature editor on the market. Advanced notation features add drum notation, vocal notation and tablature support for any stringed instruments with four to seven strings! You can create complete scores foPowerful, simple and intuitive editorTablature and standard notationComplete mix tableChord diagram generatorThe Scales Tool – view and listen to a large number of scales, from the most common to the most exotic.The Digital or MIDI Tuner – plug your MIDI instrument into your computer or use a microphone.The Fretboard and the Keyboard – visually add notes to your score!The Metronome and the Countdown – listen to the tempo while playing.Import and export MIDI and ASCII format files. Enjoy the tens of thousands of tablatures available on the Internet in Guitar Pro format.The WAVE Export allows you to convert a Guitar Pro file into an audio file. This way, it will be playable without Guitar Pro, and you can burn it onto an audio CD.Print out your scores to share with friends!The BMP Export allows you to save your tablatures to a bitmap image, which can be integrated into a web page to show it off!
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Emedia Guitar Pro 5.1 Multitrack Tab Editor