Elysia xpressor discrete class a stereo… #5652e

Elysia Xpressor Discrete Class A Stereo Buss CompressorElysia Xpressor Discrete Class A Stereo Buss Compressor
You’re looking for a stereo compressor. You want pristine sound and can’t accept compromise in terms of signal quality. You don’t want a one trick pony, but a flexible machine that covers all the standards and then some. You’re looking for the Eysian xpreDiscrete Class-A Topology – As a true elysia specialty, the audio path of the xpressor is completely based on discrete circuitry and does not use any integrated circuits at all.Auto Fast – Inspired by its big brothers: the switchable semi automation for a perfect attack on the basis of the value set by the user.Log Release – This alternative characteristic of the release curve follows a logarithmic course instead of the standard linear progress and results in a very gentle kind of compression.Negative Ratios – The characteristic curve bends and goes back down! Heavy pumping, backward sounds, etc. – perfect for very cool compression effects.Parallel Compression – Available directly on the unit: the direct and the compressed signal can be blended in any desired relation by simply turning the mix controller.Sidechain Filter – A tunable low cut filter in the sidechain of the xpressor avoids overcompression and pumping when there is a lot of low end energy in the mix.External Sidechain – You want to create frequency dependent compression or have it accented by the groove? The external sidechain input makes nearly everything possible!Gain Reduction Limiter – This novel limiter is not placed in the audio path as usually, but restricts the control voltage of the compressor instead.Warm Mode – The xpressor offers a second switchable sound flavor by altering its frequency spectrum, harmonics and transient response.Analog Dynamic LED Meter – The gain reduction meter modulates its LEDs in their brightness in order to show the action of the compressor in an analog way: fast and with smooth transitions.Stepped Potentiometers – All potentiometers on the xpressor have 41 steps, which is a great help for recalling your previous sessions fast and precisely.
Elysia Elysia Xpressor Discrete Class A Stereo Buss Compressor xpressor Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Compressors & Limiters

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Elysia Xpressor Discrete Class A Stereo Buss Compressor