Electro-voice dc-one loudspeaker control… #3988b

Electro-Voice Dc-One Loudspeaker ControllerElectro-Voice Dc-One Loudspeaker Controller
Based on a 2-in, 6-out topology, the DC-One is a rackmountable loudspeaker controller from Electro-Voice designed primarily for users of small-to-medium sized sound systems in both mobile and installed applications. Based on a powerful SHARC processor, itIdeal rack controller for small-to-medium sound systemsCompatible with other Electro-Voice signal processorsEasily operable via front panel or through free PC-Editor softwareDirect access buttonsSix predefined configuration modes60 factory, 20 user presets
Electro-Voice Electro-Voice Dc-One Loudspeaker Controller F.01U.149.138 Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Signal Routing

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Electro-Voice Dc-One Loudspeaker Controller